Oranit Solomonov Artist

“I love color. I want to draw all the time, I like to draw.  I close my eyes and I want to draw a tiger,  I want to draw a zebra. when I draw I’m smiling. Colors make me happy. I love the bright colors of new markers. I like to draw things that move people. I care about people, my heart is broken when people are sick. I like to make people happy with my pictures.”

Ms. Solomonov is a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Her work is colorful and vibrant, expressing a variety of her interests including animals and air planes, as well as expressing her strong Jewish identity. Ms.Solomonov is also an uncertified co-pilot and loves to fly.

An active exhibitor, Ms. Solomonov’s work has been featured both regionally and nationally, including at the Outsider Art Fairs in St. Louis, Missouri (2012), in New York City (2013), and held in a private collection in Argentina (2013).

Ms. Solomonov receives employment support from IDEATE, a unit within Resources for Human Development. Her most recent adventure is that of a business woman. The Solomonovs would like to invite you to support Oranit’s newest endeavor!